Harley Hill Mysteries


The Harley Hill mysteries are set in Notting Hill, London, featuring young rogue-gone-straight, Harley Hill. They can be read in any order, but readers will get more of a story arc of Harley’s background if read in order:

  1. Murder on the Hill
  2. Murder on the Page
  3. Murder in the Kitchen
  4. Murder in the Cake
  5. Murder in the Salon
  6. Murder in the Mine

Murder on the Hill  Murder on the Page

Murder in the Kitchen  Murder in the Cake

Murder in the Salon book cover  hh6-ebook-300

Reader Quotes

A really fun romantic cozy mystery with lots of laughs, twists, and memorable characters. Harley Hill is my new favorite woman sleuth — Janice Glover


“Set in London’s Notting Hill, the Harley Hill Mysteries are a blend of romantic mystery and suspense that promises a fast-paced, entertaining read.” — Karen Lee


“Fast paced, gripping, entertaining… I’m finding it hard to find more superlatives for this wonderful women sleuth murder mystery story. Harley Hill is the new Stephanie Plum.” — Diane Larmann


“I love Harley and her quick wit. I wish she and Cordi were my friends. I can’t wait to read more about their adventures.” — Winifred Stinnett