Witches of Hemlock Cove


The Witches of Hemlock Cove is a series of paranormal witch cozy mystery books set within a small fictional coastal town on the New England coast, a little north of Salem. It was founded by the protagonist’s family, The Angelos, back during the Salem witch trials.

The series of books is told through the point of view of Grace Angelo, youngest of three sisters and ex-detective (oh, and she’s a witch too). Although officially retired from the force, local detective Zachery Jackson won’t let her escape that easily and drags her in as a consultant to solve the mysteries that crop up within Hemlock Cove.

Books in the series:

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AMysticMurder-eBook-300 ACrypticCase-eBook-300 ATangledTeaser-eBook-300 A Paranormal PuzzleA Rustic Riddle Book Cover A Lethal Legacy Cover  An Arcane Affair A Peculiar Pursuit